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What people say about Annie

"Annie, I really appreciate your support with all this (dating) stuff. You also gave me some good insights regarding myself and you know who. I'm hoping to incorporate them into my way of thinking.  Sometimes, it's tough to get the old tapes to stop their loop. Thanks for telling me that


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Dear Annie, My mother and sister are abusive and bipolar. It’s taken therapy and hard work, but I have managed to live a normal life despite having had a difficult childhood. My therapist helped me to cre...
Dear Annie,I’m a staunch Democrat—I actively support Bernie Sanders—and would never date anyone who isn’t politically on the same page. I’ve been seeing my boyfriend Jim for almost a year. He has assured ...
Back in 2010, "Addie," an attractive woman in her mid-forties hired me as her dating coach. She was delightful to work with; she was energetic, optimistic and enthusiastically took on all the components o...
Dear Annie, My boyfriend, Al, always introduces me as his “friend.” I think he should introduce me as his girlfriend. He says it doesn’t matter and that I am being too sensitive. I think it means he’s not...

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