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Annie's coaching guides you from dating to love

Dating expert Annie Gleason coaches single men and women who are sick of learning the hard way about dating in the 21st Century. She mentors her clients as they gain confidence, dating skills and an understanding of the opposite sex. They soon move from dating unhappiness into a long-term, happy, loving relationship. Annie makes sense out of the often chaotic world of dating, so that singles can find the love that they're actually looking for.

Expert Dating and Relationship Advice

As a certified relationship coach with an extensive background in motivational and mating psychology, Annie's 13-week program is for men and women who are seeking real change in their dating approaches. She guides them as they tackle their blind spots, unproductive patterns, and negative thinking around dating, so that they move into a positive and productive direction.

Annie's extensive course touches on all the dating elements: the power of body language, overcoming anxiety, understanding the dynamics of successful courtship, mastering online dating profiles, and Internet dating. She empowers her clients by helping women and men understand how the opposite sex thinks and communicates, 

By providing honest and knowledgeable input, Annie helps her clients through the small changes in their thinking that prove to be impactful in how they present themselves to potential mates. The resulting changes make dramatic shifts in their dating experience.

Annie has been helping singles find love since 2007. The vast majority of her clients have found happiness in the kind of relationship that they were seeking. While many have gotten married and younger ones have started families, others have opted to commit to a lifelong partnership. A few months of coaching makes all the difference.

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Annie specializes in coaching midlife singles

Although Annie is an expert at handling dating dilemmas that face midlife singles, she effectively coaches adults of all ages into a fulfilling love life.

She works with people from a variety of professions: attorneys, teachers, physicians, contractors, entrepreneurs and many others. What they all have in common is that they are serious about getting a love life, and are committed to discovering what is getting in their way--and desire to move forward by doing things differently. Annie's coaching provides positive support as they begin dating in a new and effective way.

Most of Annie's former clients are in satisfying long-term relationships. New clients usually start seeing results within just a few weeks of starting their coaching program.

Annie's dating and relationship advice is read by a world-wide audience

Annie is a Midlife Dating Expert for Your Tango, the Dating Examiner for San Francisco Examiner, and publishes dating tips in her Dating Blog. Her Friday dating tips newsletter is emailed weekly. Sign up here

Annie is frequently a featured speaker about midlife dating

She speaks about mid-life dating dilemmas for various organizations, including The Singles Supper Club and The Society of Single Professionals. She's been a guest on KGO radio's Ronn Owens Show, ABC TV's The View From The Bay and assorted radio shows. She also co-sponsors mingling events and seminars for singles.

Annie's background and training

Annie has an extensive background in motivational psychology, mating psychology and success coaching.

She obtained a Relationship Coaching Certification from Susan Bradley. She continued her coaching education at Susan Dunn’s “EQ Alive!” personal coaching program, which is based on Emotional Intelligence.

She launched Get A Love Life and began coaching full-time in 2007.

Previously, she was in business and solution-based sales, most recently for her own company, AG Industrial. Before that, she was in sales for Barnes Group, a Fortune 500 Company. For over 20 years more than 98% of her clients were men. Many of them repeatedly sought her advice about dating. She realized that there was a huge disconnect between how men communicated their feelings and how women perceived them.

She also learned from her own dating experiences that if people don’t break out of comfortable, yet destructive patterns, they often sabotage their romantic goals. She was inspired to help men and women understand each other better, and became a dating coach.

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