OnlineDateWebDiscover how to win at online dating! As you master the secrets of attracting love online, you'll find more like-minded people coming your way. You'll uncover successful search techniques, learn how to choose a site that's best for you, and put together a unique profile that reflects the real you.


Upgrade your online dating profile and strategy--and jump-start your love life!

Whether you need a minor tuneup, a major overhaul, a dating concierge...or just a little help emailing potential dates, I have a package that fits your needs.

Basic Online Dating Makeover

This makeover is a quick upgrade to your online profile tied to an online dating strategy session. Just give me your existing profile and invest fifteen minutes with me on the phone. You'll get suggestions that will let your persona shine through, and turn any inadvertent red flags into positives. I'll help you get it just right so that you'll stand out in the crowd. 

• Your makeover includes

  • Step-by-step guided personalized video instructions, which se the stage as you create a compelling profile. You'll start with Get A Love Life's exclusive Online Dating Questionnaire and take it from there!
  • Search and navigation tips for two mainstream online dating sitesComputer-mouse-heartTiny
  • Creating username and headline tips and tricks
  • Email tips
  • Photo tips and suggestions

After you've incorporated these into your profile, I'll proofread and edit it for spelling, grammar, repetition, negativity and clichés.

Only $129.


Enhanced Online Dating Makeover

This polishes your existing profile and provides you with the key component--the essays about you and your potential mate. After you've answered my exclusive questionnaire, we'll consult by phone for about twenty minutes. I'll take that information and create the essay portion of your profile, so that you can tailor it for your favorite website. You can choose between the Match.com or OK Cupid format. This is your chance to win over prospective dates by showing off your unique and lovable self. Don't lose the online dating game because of a poorly written or misspelled essay!

• Your makeover includes

    • Everything in the Basic Online Dating Makeover
    • Clarification of your questionnaire answers in order to make the most of your new essays

After you have added the essays and incorporated any other suggested changes to your profile, I'll proofread and edit it for spelling, grammar, repetition, negativity and clichés.

Only $179.

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All-Inclusive Online Dating Makeover

If you don't want to fill out a questionnaire, this makeover is for you! In addition to everything included in the Enhanced Online Dating Makeover, I'll help you create maximum appeal by showing you how to take advantage of every aspect of your online profile. I'll spend an hour on the phone with you so that you don't have to fill out the questionnaire.

• Your makeover includes

  • Everything in the Enhanced Online Dating Makeover
  • An hour-long conversation in-person or on the phone. I'll ask questions, and turn your answers into online-dating-profile gold!

You'll receive a prototype of your profile based on major dating websites' current questions. You'll be able to copy and paste your profile into Match.com or OK Cupid, or adapt it to fit most other online dating sites. And, of course, I'll proofread your profile after you have activated it online.

Only $249


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Increase your email response rate!

It's fun to search online dating sites for possible romance, but opening up an empty inbox really puts a damper on it! Discover how to make a difference in your response rate with Get A Love Life's Winning eMail Genie.

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Save time and let Get A Love Life search, screen and email prospective dates for you.

All you have to do is approve potential dates who have already responded to one email. Then you'll take it from there!

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Testimonials - Online Dating

"I took Annie’s class on writing my profile and it was amazing. After working with her and rewriting the profile, when I launched it I had lots of responses and actually started dating two very nice men. Annie has great tips on how to reach out and attract men through the profile that I would not have thought of at all. She really helped a lot and I highly recommend her for this “new way” of mid-life dating. All the rules are different now and we need Annie to help guide us through this process and steer us in the right direction so we can meet Mr. Right and live happily ever after."
Cindy E
Alameda, CA

"Annie's straightforward and practical advice helped me polish up my online profile. Since I revised it, I have been getting 'hits,' and have started meeting new people again."
San Francisco, CA

"I went to Annie for advice. For starters, she suggested I spruce up my online profile. I balked at first, but sure enough, I reinvented my stale Match profile, and my dance card is now booked for weeks."
Caryn Leschen
San Francisco, CA