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Of course, I've changed their names and identifying details. But the stories are true.

She was getting over a breakup after a long term relationship

"Christine" was single again after her long-term boyfriends moved out. While she hoped that he would return, she knew that she needed to move forward. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do or how she wanted to approach dating. So she signed up for dating coaching.CoupleRopesWeb

  • She completed "Recovering From a Breakup Exercises," and started focusing on creating a positive future.
  • I coached her through identifying what she wanted in a relationship, and the ins and outs of dating dynamics. She practiced her new-found body language skills.
  • She began to relish her new attractiveness, started meeting available men everywhere and found that she actually enjoyed dating.

Months later, when her ex asked her to resume their relationship, she decided against it. Instead, she chose to move forward with a man she had dated for a few months who asked her to pursue a future together.

"I went from zero prospects, to men asking me out right and left. My friends can't wait to hear my next installment of 'my dating escapades.' Then once I started dating, our meetings gave me a forum to stay clear on my long term goals, and not get too hung up emotionally at the early stages of dating. I'm now confident in my attractiveness, and my ability to enjoy dating and have fun on the way to meeting my Mr.Right. I can't thank Annie enough or recommend her more highly. She is my secret weapon in the dating arena, don't leave home without her."

She hadn't dated for over a decade

"Catherine" divorced in her twenties, and spent several decades developing her professional career, pursuing her passions, and having an occasional relationship here and there. As she approached sixty, she told me that she wanted to find a loving, compatible guy to grow old with. She took a couple of month-long seminars, and consulted with me a few times. And she did her homework.CoupleAfrAmerWeb

  • She followed the dating principles of Get A Love Life's dating coaching, making the most of her new-found understanding of men.
  • She started online dating for the first time. She used Online Dating Makeover guidelines to create a magnetic profile and emails that got responses.
  • After updating her image and non-verbal communication skills, she began to find, meet and flirt with new men as she went through her day.

And, now she's in a great long-term relationship.

"In about a month, I went from no dates for at least 10 years, to a dating life, if not yet a love life. And I'm actually beginning to believe that the love life is possible. UPDATE! Well it seemed impossible, but after almost two years, I am still dating one of the men I met online. Actually we are moving in together. Dating does not seem like a strong enough word. We are serious and I guess I do have to admit to having a love life now. So thank you Annie! Get A Love Life has changed my life."

He couldn't get out of "the friend zone"

"Steve" was great at making friends with women. The trouble was, he couldn't get a woman to see him in a romantic light. He got into occasional relationships with women who pursued him, with whom he had no long-term interest. He decided that it was time to make a difference, so he signed up for coaching.Couple30sWeb

  • He updated his "look" and became proficient at body language and signaling. Women started to pay attention to him...in a good way.
  • He discovered how to flirt and approach women in a fun and successful manner. He found the confidence to talk to new women every day.
  • After he created and posted a magnetic online profile, I coached him through search and email strategies, and he began meeting women online.

Now he's confidently meeting and dating women who see him in a romantic light. And, he's having fun doing it!

"After making a commitment to work on my personal life, meaning putting aside the time and making the effort, working with Annie helped me discover that I didn't have game, or a plan to meet women... Her coaching was very personalized to my situation and dating circumstances. I liked her vast range of knowledge on men, women, relationships and dating. I admired her ability to motivate me to do things I wouldn't normally do. I'd recommend her."

She's a widow who tried online dating for six months, without getting one email

After being widowed following a twenty five year marriage, "Denise" decided it was time to start dating. Except, she couldn't get a date. When she hired me, she was at her wit's end. Then, she signed up for coaching.CoupleInterracialWeb

  • She updated her appearance and wardrobe. She honed her body language and signals so that she appeared single and available.
  • She followed my system for meeting men in person. She sharpened her flirting skills.
  • We completely made over her online profile, and I coached her through search-strategy and email correspondence.
  • Her approach to dating transformed once she understood how to translate her date's conversation and actions.

And, now she's getting married.

"With Annie's help, I found a great guy. We talk, we're great companions, we are pursuing a life together. What more can you ask? Annie was a great help!"

She'd been divorced for five years, but couldn't keep a guy around

"Mary" was dating "Ron" for several months, and felt that he truly was her soul-mate. But his unpredictable behavior made her feel out of control, and their relationship was filled with drama. Finally, he left for good.CoupleChunkyWeb

This situation was starting to feel a little too familiar. After a twenty year marriage, all she wanted to do was settle down again. But every guy she fell for wouldn't commit.

She was pretty sure that she was the common denominator in these failed relationships. But she couldn't figure out what she needed to do differently. So, she signed up for coaching.

  • She identified what was really important to her in a realistic and focused manner.
  • I coached her through new, unfamiliar dating behavior.
  • After an Online Dating Makeover, she followed a multi-tiered strategy to meet new men.

Good men started falling for "Mary." And asking to commit. But, after dating one great guy, "Bill," for a while and deciding that he wasn't quite right, she went back on the market. But,"Bill" didn't give up, and "Mary" came to the realization that he's her lifetime soul-mate. They married in Hawaii, and she reports that life has never been better.

"Annie knows what she is doing. She has a great perspective, is easy to work with, and gets great results!"

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Whether you're divorced, widowed or single for too long, coaching helps you take control of your love life

heart icon vector tinyCoaching supports you as you establish new, positive dating habits that really work.

You'll avoid destructive, go-nowhere patterns so that you don't waste time and emotional energy on yet another dead-end romance.

heart icon vector tinyYou'll gain understanding of how the opposite sex really thinks about different dating situations.

You'll master new ways to meet people, and become confident flirting in-person and online.

heart icon vector tinyYou'll discover new places to meet others.

You'll discover how to make the most of online dating.

heart icon vector tinyYou'll save money on dating media, books, products or services that won't benefit you.

It's not about your past. It's about moving towards a new future.

heart icon vector tinyI'll show you to recalibrate your signals, and help you avoid behavior that will cause unneeded difficulty with prospective partners.

If serendipity is not working for you, it's time for dating coaching.

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*Names and identifying details have been changed in order to protect privacy.